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Professional Liability

Your career is a rewarding one, but helping others can put you at risk to be sued by someone dissatisfied with an outcome.

General Liability

If a client or visitor is injured at your office, you could be sued and your practice could be at risk – even if you did nothing wrong.

Cyber Liability

You can be held responsible when confidential client data is copied, transmitted, viewed, or stolen by an unauthorized person.


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Rockwood Insurance has partnered with Assurance4You to provide affordable and comprehensive liability insurance products – high-quality insurance coverage for healthcare, mental and allied health professionals. Our solutions allow you to have peace of mind, and better concentrate on what is really important for your practice – “helping others”.

As your insurance resource, Assurance4You has a flexible structure that brings liability insurance coverage to you in record time. Our team of professionals continually scans the market, identifying areas of need to further create valuable solutions for professionals in the allied health and mental health professions.

The insurance products offered through Assurance4you are provided by the NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. and reinsured by one of the insurance carriers in the world, Swiss Re.

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