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Did You Know?

Insurance industry information indicates that on average, a record breach, whether it be paper or digital, costs a practice $200 per client.

Did You Know?

More than 20% of the lawsuits across both the agency and sole practioner segments are regarding incorrect treatment.

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Rockwood Programs has partnered with Assurance4You (Assurance4You is part of the NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. product suite) to provide affordable and comprehensive liability insurance products – high-quality insurance coverage for behavioral and allied health professionals. Our solutions allow you to have peace of mind, and better concentrate on what is really important for your practice – “helping others”.

Assurance4You has a flexible structure that allows bringing goods to clients in record time. Our team of professionals continually scans the market, identifying areas of need to further create valuable solutions for the professionals we serve.

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The Trajectory of Assurance4You

Even though we may look like the new kid on the block, our expertise in managing, overseeing and providing Liability coverage goes back to 1969.

  • Beginning in 1969, we managed the Professional Liability Insurance for social worker members of the National Association of Social Workers, under the structure of a Trust.
  • By 2007 NASW Assurance Services, Inc. started operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of NASW, managing the program and performance of the insurance carrier and third-party administrator.
  • In 2012 The NASW Risk Retention Group (RRG) took over the Liability Insurance operations for social worker members of the association, enhancing the Professional Liability policy coverage, and providing more flexibility in underwriting as a way to advocate for its policyholders.
  • By July 2014 the RRG launched among its Professional Liability Insurance clients General Liability and Cyber Liability coverage, having an overwhelmingly positive response. These two products were made available as stand-alone coverage in early 2017 for all membership, regardless of having the PLI with the RRG or not.
  • By the second semester of 2016, the RRG brand Assurance4You was created to distribute Liability coverage among mental health and social work group practices and social service agencies, continuing our commitment to provide peace of mind to these professionals while they can concentrate on what they love; helping others.
  • In 2018, Assurance4You launched a comprehensive distributor’s recruitment strategy looking for Managing General Agents, Producers, and Independent Agents to bring our liability solutions to 76 occupations in the behavioral and allied health industries.

Professional Liability

Your career is a rewarding one, but helping others can put you at risk to be sued by someone dissatisfied with an outcome.

General Liability

If a client or visitor is injured at your office, you could be sued and your practice could be at risk – even if you did nothing wrong.

Cyber Liability

You can be held responsible when confidential client data is copied, transmitted, viewed, or stolen by an unauthorized person.